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At The Flanders Group, our Human Resources services help leading organizations confront complex business challenges head-on.
We can provide coaching and support in the following areas

The Hiring Process

Any company is only as good as the employees it hires. It starts with the application you give prospective employees and what the tone says about your company. Does it say you put a high value on safety and drug test or do pre-employment physicals? Do you test for job skills or perform a character assessment? The hiring process will let prospective employees know exactly what to expect when they work for you.

Workplace Safety and the Prevention of Workers Compensation Claims

A comprehensive safety program which demonstrates leadership’s commitment to the prevention of accidents and the quick, kind and correct handling of employees who are injured at work is successful for one reason: a process is defined, communicated, deployed, monitored and amended.

Compliance and Productivity Audit

When was the last time your HR staff reviewed your organizational structure, policies and procedures, past and current claims, workforce management issues, outsourced relationships and business development issues? Strategic use of your HR staff can be a powerful advantage over your competitors.

Recovery At Work Installation

A strong recovery at work program is part of a successful workers compensation insurance program and has important HR implications. The Flanders Group will work with you to develop a plan including training your Back On The Job Coordinator, helping you identify options for a transitional work bank and communicating with our Injury Management Team on the medical case management.

We anticipate the timeframe from development to roll out to be about 60 days, depending on your organizations needs.

Loss Analysis

An analysis will identify areas for targeted training by body part injured, type of injury, department where the injury occurred and the injury cause. A targeted recommendation plan, roll out schedule and tools for implementation are all part of the project.

Coaching and Solution Services

We are here to coach so you can find the perfect fit to solve your toughest HR problems. We can answer the one-time question or help you organize a specific project to take your HR Department to the next level.

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