Injury Management

Injury Management is a more innovative process for companies than traditional Workers’ Compensation claim management. By adding the medical expertise of a Registered Nurse, we are able to manage each case to insure the injured worker reaches maximum improvement in a timely fashion and is safely returned to work as soon as possible. This reduces the expense for employers of injured employees.

We see Injury Management as a multi-faceted process that includes

Facilitating communication between the employer, injured worker, and the medical provider.

Working with providers to make sure care is appropriate and done as quickly as possible.

Working with insurance carriers to insure all paperwork is received and processed timely.

Working with employers to design a transitional job which will allow workers to come back sooner.

Helping employers assess the financial benefits of early return to work.

Illustrating how HR practices can help create a culture of safety.

Helping employers track trends in claims and direction on how to prevent future accidents.

Our Injury Management Team manages communications with all involved parties to prevent costly delays and helps facilitate the care your injured worker needs to reach maximum medical improvement and get back to work as soon as possible.

In addition to working on your behalf, we assist your injured worker to counsel them through the Workers’ Compensation process and ensure they have all relevant paperwork needed for point of care visits. Research shows workers who feel they have someone on their side, are less likely to contact an attorney.

For more information, please contact our Injury Management team by calling 866-334-7222 or faxing 585-402-7888.

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