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Forging solid relationships among industry partners is at the core of The Flanders Group’s philosophy. That’s why we take pride in the great working relationships we developed over the years.

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“In my over 30 years of Performance Coaching to the insurance industry, I must tell you that it is rare to find an insurance and risk management firm that works as hard on the constant improvement of their business as does The Flanders Group. Their absolute commitment to constant improvement in the level of services and expertise they provide to their clients is truly unmatched.Their motto, A Pride of Insurance Experts, is no shallow ‘Corporate Slogan.’ They truly are the experts and their results reinforce that statement.”

Roger Sitkins – CEO/Head Coach, Sitkins Select

“Every agency pledges and avows outstanding customer service in its ads and brochures. It’s an easy and natural sounding claim and marketing differentiation.

Few agencies in my experience have truly dimensionalized that service promise as has Valarie Webster and the entire team at the Flanders Group. In my years of observing them, I have been impressed. They seem to have intentionally crafted a highly trained and naturally nurturing team of customer serving associates. At every point of contact, the people at Flanders consciously attempt to produce a WOW experience for the caller.

That style makes for amazingly long and profitable retention curves and earns the volume of referrals to ensure an ongoing and impressive growth curve. Flanders people walk their talk and they walk it exceptionally well. If you measure success by the caliber and quantity of people served, Flanders earns outstanding scores.

Were I to have a vote in this issue, mine would be to cast an unqualified “Superior” for the Flanders Group Client Experience.”

Jim Cecil – President, James P. Cecil Company, author of “The Nurture Workbook” and creator of “The Nurture Workshop”

“The Flanders Group is one of the very few agencies in the country that has made significant investments to uncover ways to Wow! and delight their clients. It recognizes the costly investment it has made to obtain its clients and passionately does whatever it takes to keep them. It is an agency others would envy in its thorough information gathering about its clients, its dedicated efforts and success in retaining its top clients.

It is an outstanding agency; my hat is off to The Flanders Group!”

Lynn Thomas, JD -President, 21st Century Management, Inc.

“I have consulted for hundreds of insurance agencies throughout the United States and Canada and The Flanders Group is without a doubt at the top for its commitment to providing the best possible service for its customers. Also, The Flanders Group is rarely satisfied with status quo and expends considerable effort and resources toward constantly improving the quality of its services.”

Chris Burand, President – Burand & Associates, LLC

“The best way to judge the value of a company is by the actions of its employees. Over the years I have been duly impressed by the Flanders Group’s dynamic team of personnel totally dedicated to the mutual support of one another and their clients. I can heartily recommend the Flanders Group to anyone because this is one company that values the relationship over the transaction – and that’s a unique difference in today’s world.”

Jack Burke, president of Sound Marketing, Inc. and author of “Relationship Aspect Marketing” and “Creating Customer Connections.”

“The Flanders Group, simply, is not easily compared… Flanders exceeds the ‘best of the best.’ They, in addition to setting an extraordinary example of what an Agency can be, are fiercely committed to serving their clients. Count yourself among the truly fortunate if you are a client of the Flanders Group.”

Penny L. Ciaburri, CEO, PLC Associates, Inc.




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