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Are you hearing about workplace injuries?

By April 17, 2014August 22nd, 2018

According to a recent survey, out of 10 employees, on average 2 will be injured and 1 will choose not to report it.  Some of the worries most identified are:

  • Being fired or passed over for promotions
  • Believing that pain and injuries are “part of the job”
  • Being seen as weak
  • Not wanting to “rock the boat” when it comes to safety incentives
  • The daunting nature of the workers’ compensation system
  • Fear of not being able to support their family

As an employer you want to know about workplace injuries so they can be treated quickly before they become more serious. Also remember that late reporting (lag time) increases the cost of claims exponentially.

To encourage reporting and remain in control of your Workers’ Compensation costs you can reward participation in safety training and accident prevention so proactive measures are being taken instead of reacting to an accident. Another important key is training supervisors in communication so they can alleviate an injured workers fear. Implement a system that makes reporting a claim simple and more importantly, keeps a worker informed on what to expect next. This prevents them from seeking an attorney to get their questions answered.

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