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Better Safety Training

By August 8, 2014August 22nd, 2018Uncategorized

Why should better safety training be important to you and your organization? Safety training is an easy way for frontline supervisors to supplement safety efforts within your organization. All it takes are a few small steps for management to show they care about the health and well being of their employees. Keep track of attendance at your safety training sessions so you can utilize the data and share it as a measurement of the effectiveness of the program with both employees and supervisors.

Consistent safety training will also increase employee awareness which can be especially valuable for long time employees who may need the reminders. Be sure to keep training brief to avoid disruption to the business and be creative. Think about different ways of delivering the information – present don’t just read. Add in demonstrations and make it interactive with the employees. For example, tackle proper lifting by asking an employee to lift an empty box so you can have a discussion about the technique.

A culture of safety will be enhanced with consistent training so practice, practice, practice- management and supervisors need to set a good example.

If you need additional resources regarding safety training, please contact Aisha Hartford, Director of Client Services at 1-800-462-6435 Ext 233 or at [email protected].