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Creating a Culture of Safety

By October 22, 2012August 22nd, 2018

Culture is the behaviors and processes that are normal in an organization. The power of culture lies in its control over the smallest behaviors of each person that can add up to a big impact. In the case of safety, studies suggest that roughly 90% of employee injuries come from unsafe acts, not unsafe conditions. That’s where a culture of safety works in your favor.

Consider a safety culture survey to find out exactly where your company is with yes/no questions such as:

1. Did you receive safety training when you were hired?

2. Does your manager make sure you are able to perform the work safely?

3. Are our safety procedures updated and communicated on a regular basis?

4. Is a risk assessment done when a new process is started or a process is changed?

5. Does management take your safety concerns seriously?

6. Do you receive updates from the safety committee?

7. Do you feel that safety is a high priority in our company?

8. Do you know how to report an injury that happens at work?

9. Has anyone explained to you the process if you are injured at work?

10. Do you believe we put enough resources into insuring a safety place to work?

For more information on how to help foster a culture of safety, contact The Flanders Group at 800-462-6435.