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Do you have a plan for plowing season?

By December 28, 2011August 22nd, 2018

As you begin your jobs, we recommend a Plow Planner for each location where you will be plowing. Your employees are concerned with the task at hand and a simple reminder before they begin could save time and money.

Place the following information in a plastic sleeve so it lasts all season:

  • Address, contact names, and phone numbers for the location
  • Pictures of the location including obstacles.
  • A map of the location with the obstacles marked.
  • Special needs or requests for that specific location.
  • Detailed record of each time the location is plowed, the weather conditions, time you begin and end, and what specifically was done.

As you are taking pictures and mapping things out, take time to place markers as needed. Consider the end of driveways near the road and every 50 feet, the edges of curbs of islands or courts, or parking stoppers.

For more information, call The Flanders Group, NYSNLA Insurance Program Managers at 800-462-6435.