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Engaged or Not?

By May 28, 2014August 22nd, 2018

According to an October 2013 Gallup poll, 2 out of 3 workers in the U.S. are unhappy in their jobs, 52% are not engaged and 18% are actively disengaged – meaning they can’t stand their jobs and may sabotage the company or their co-workers.  The Society for Human Resource Management notes that perhaps it’s up to HR managers to help employees focus on the positive instead of the negative in the workplace.

In a recent article Eric Karpinski suggests these daily habits:

1.  Each employee and manager should write down 3 things they are grateful for.  By creating a habit of focusing on what is going well, your brain will default to seeing the positive.

2.  Managers should express appreciation for a co-worker, congratulate someone on an achievement, or encourage a colleague.  It should be short, simple, specific and sincere.  Their research shows that practiced over 8 weeks, the positive outlook and increased productivity are pronounced.

3.  Stop, listen, and talk.  Give co-workers your undivided attention and make eye contact so they feel good about the interaction.

It’s time to think beyond incentives and bonuses to help employees become passionate about their job and the workplace.  For more ideas on how to create a positive culture in your company, contact The Flanders Group at 800-462-6435.