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Getting an Employee Back to Work Post-Injury

By January 16, 2012August 22nd, 2018

As an employer, have you ever had an employee injured and then released to return to work in some capacity? It’s an excellent opportunity to reduce the long-term cost impact on your business (for example, on your experience modification factor) of employees who may otherwise not return to work in timely manner.

The Flanders Group provides our Workers’ Compensation insurance clients with our proprietary Recovery at Work Toolkit. One of the features of that tool kit is the “Recovery at Work Job Offer Letter.” The benefits of this tool include:

  • The possibility of reducing the cost of indemnity payments if the worker refuses the job offer;
  • A favorable impact on the employer’s experience modification factor for up to three years as a result of reducing or terminating indemnity payments to the employee; and,
  • Enhancing the employer’s position should litigation ensue.

The Flanders Group is an experienced and high-performing insurance broker and advisor for Workers’ Compensation insurance, in part because we provide the employer with expertise and support services that address your risk exposures beyond the basics of Workers’ Compensation insurance.