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Let us review before you sign…

By October 20, 2011August 22nd, 2018

Every day clients of The Flanders Group sign various forms of legal agreements. One of our services is to review specific clauses in these documents and advise if your insurance will respond to various requirements, as well as to help you consider the overall changes to your cost of risk resulting from certain “promises”.

Clauses we typically review include: insurance requirements; indemnification provisions; limits of liability; and hold harmless agreements. Many times we see that the language used in reference to insurance is out of date and the other party to the contract is asking for something that is not available.

Other times, the agreements you are asked to make may create significant financial exposure outside the scope of your insurance coverage. We help you to understand what may not be covered, and can advise on adjustments to your current insurance program when prudent.

While you should always seek competent legal counsel, its also important to have an experienced commercial insurance advisor who can help you to understand the implications to your risk management program from the contracts you are asked to sign.

The Flanders Group focuses on the following industries: Nursery/Landscape; Commercial Real Estate; Manufacturing; Refuse; RV/Auto Dealers; and Marinas – so we see a wide variety of legal agreements. Contact us today to discuss how our expertise and service can ease your administrative burden and protect your company.