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Managing Your Experience Modification Factor – Training and Performance

By April 30, 2012August 22nd, 2018

Having frontline supervisors and middle managers educated in Workers’ Compensation insurance basics helps them understand how they can influence the cost of a claim and as a result, your premium costs.  Supervisors who have been trained on how to communicate with injured workers and set up the expectation of their return is a key factor in setting the direction of a claim.  Often that employee/supervisor relationship is the most important one directing the outcome.  Simple training about what Workers’ Compensation is, how their role affects costs, and what they can do to support the organizational culture can make a significant difference in reducing your long-term costs.

The Flanders Group also suggests implementing a progressive discipline policy to address safety violations.  The key is to fairly and consistently apply your policy.  Bringing safety standards into the HR performance management process helps build the organizational culture of safety and will also help identify staff development opportunities.  When you support safety, your claim costs will decrease and have a positive effect on your experience modification.

By specializing in Workers’ Compensation insurance programs, including safety groups, for employers in specific industries (e.g. Nursery/Landscape; Commercial Real Estate; Waste Haulers; RV/Auto Dealers; Marinas; and Manufacturers), The Flanders Group has the experience to be a true partner for you and provide templates and training to ease your administrative time and expense.