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Most costly lost time Workers' Compensation Claims

By September 29, 2011August 22nd, 2018

The most costly lost-time workers’ compensation claims are for those involving the head or central nervous system. These injuries averaged $84,362 per workers’ compensation claim filed in 2007 and 2008. The next highest costs were for injuries involving multiple body parts ($54,117) and neck ($52,654). Injuries to the arm or shoulder; hip, thigh, and pelvis; leg; and lower back also had above-average costs.

A frequent cause of injuries to the head and neck is being struck by an object falling on the employee. For example, employers should use common sense when storing boxes at eye level or higher – try to store heavy objects at waist level.

As another example for an industry we serve, marina operators should monitor where employees are storing tools and equipment to avoid placing heavier or unwieldy items above head level. Engineering your workplace and work flow processes can have a highly positive long-term impact on the profitability of your business, please contact The Flanders Group today for a consultation on improving your workplace safety program.

Source: National Safety Council. (2011). Injury Facts®, 2011 Edition. Itasca, IL.