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OSHA Safety Program Suggestions

By September 30, 2014August 22nd, 2018

Whether you’re ready to begin a safety initiative or make improvements to your current program,  following the OSHA safety program suggestions can help simplify the process.   Based on its Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines, OSHA has outlined four basic elements of a successful program.

1.  Management Leadership and Employee Involvement

OSHA safety program suggestions include the highest levels of management committing the necessary resources of staff, money and time to ensure that everyone is protected from injury and illness hazards. Specifically, OSHA recommends annual review, goal setting and action planning at all levels of management, with input from employees across the spectrum of the organization.

2.  Worksite Analysis

The program also recommends that employers conduct a baseline survey to identify all safety and health hazards at the time of implementation and control or eliminate (when possible) hazards found. Reviewing employee injury records can also be valuable as they may identify a common cause.  In addition the OSHA safety program suggests a worksite analysis to note the conditions at the start of your program, establishing a baseline that will allow you to measure improvement.

3.  Hazard Prevention and Control

All hazards discovered during the worksite analysis should be eliminated if possible. Alternate control methods should be used for those hazards that remain. This may include engineering or administrative controls or the use of personal protective equipment.

4.  Training

The OSHA safety program suggestions incorporate employee training to ensure they understand what their individual safety and health responsibilities are and how to fulfill them. Supervisors should personally provide each employee with safety materials and guidance pertaining to his or her job. These measures might include safety orientation, providing a safety manual, review of safe working practices on a regular basis, and communicating accident reporting procedures.

Creating an effective safety program for your organization based on OSHA’s Four-point Program is a great first step in reducing your organization’s workers’ compensation costs. This program, coupled with ongoing safety initiatives and program benchmarking, can mean thousands of dollars saved in premiums, increased productivity and reduced claims costs.


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