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Overcoming the Fear

By October 31, 2012August 22nd, 2018

Many injured workers are afraid of the pain and possibility of re-injury during the healing process. As a business owner you will come across people who are reluctant to come back to work because of that fear. This is a time when your reassurance will play a key role in their recovery. Help them understand that the physician has approved them coming back to work and that you will support any restrictions that have been outlined. Remind them that you will check in frequently to evaluate their tolerance to the activity. In some cases you may even want to slowly reintroduce them to the activity depending on the nature of the injuries.

Be sure to offer recognition and appreciation for the work they are doing and assure them that the goal is a full recovery in their original position. Allowing a worker to slowly transition back to work will improve their confidence and prevent re-injury. The first day or so may be challenging because of their inactivity but building in length and intensity of work will help ease them back into the routine.

A successful Recovery at Work program is dependent on your coaching and support to build their confidence and help them get past the fear.

The Flanders Group has tools to help you implement a Recovery at Work program. Call us at 800-462-6435 for more information.