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Potential risk marketing your business online

By October 24, 2011August 22nd, 2018

As many of our clients are adjusting their P&L to the “new normal” of our economy, they are also looking for new avenues for sales and marketing. It’s all about growing your business profitably, right?! While The Flanders Group provides outstanding service for all lines of coverage, such as our Workers’ Compensation Safety Groups, we also support clients with risk management advice.

For example, what will you do when a new company that runs a group coupon buying service comes into your market and recruits you to offer your services at a much lower price for a guaranteed high volume? It’s a big decision. But you also have the issue of reviewing the proposed contract and, for group coupon buying services, there may be insurance requirements and performance guarantees which we would be happy to review.

The inability to perform at a contractually guaranteed level is usually not an insured issue – so allow us to help you review the contracts to determine how, when, and if your insurance program may be necessary.

Since the 1980s The Flanders Group has been helping clients in the following industries lower their overall cost of risk with our total suite of insurance and risk management solutions: Marinas, Nursery and Landscape operations, Refuse haulers, Commercial Real Estate owners and managers, RV & Auto Dealers, and Manufacturing companies. Whenever you consider changes to your operations, please allow us to help you identify and treat exposures to loss.