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Return to Work Programs Thrive With Open Communication

By September 4, 2012August 22nd, 2018

As a manager you should strive to create relationships with your employees that foster trust and encourage communication. Communication is important in setting a positive tone for your waste hauling, landscaping, marina, real estate or nursery business. One of the most pivotal times for communication is after an accident. Letting them know you care and want them back on the job as soon as possible, can help improve their attitude and encourage them to come back sooner.

Employees who have a psychological stake in their jobs will be encouraged to do the work necessary to return after an injury. If they feel the injury could cost them their job, they risk becoming permanently disabled, costing them their livelihood and you both direct and indirect costs.

Here are some things you can do to make sure the lines of communication remain open with an employee who is out of work due to an injury:

1) Remain in weekly telephone contact.

2) Send a get well card signed by management and co-workers.

3) Set-up regular meetings at the workplace to discuss their recovery and plans for the future.

4) Make sure the injured worker keeps all their medical appointments.

5) Arrange for a transitional duty assignment when the worker is medically able.

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