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Safety Manuals Are Important Tools

By November 26, 2014August 22nd, 2018Uncategorized

Safety manuals are important business tools because while each employee should know proper safety procedures, the written manual is a key tool in the ongoing battle against workplace accidents and injuries.

Although it is easy to take a more casual approach about day-to-day business operations, employers should not make the assumption that employees know everything they need to about safety or that they don’t have questions or concerns.

Safety manuals not only protect your employees in the event of a workplace accident, but as an important tool, it can also protect the welfare of your business.

Workplace accidents cost businesses time and money every day. Even a minor injury can mean lost time for an employee, and as an employer you could end up paying more in worker’s compensation as a result of a claim.

Avoiding injuries keeps employees happy and has a positive effect on your worker’s compensation insurance premiums if your business remains injury free. Remember using a safety manual as an important business tool will support the  culture you are striving to build within your organization. A manual demonstrates you committed when it comes to safety and the well-being of your employees.

If you would like additional information on how to implement a safety manual, please feel contact Aisha Hartford, Director of Client Services at 1-800-462-6435 Ext 233 or [email protected].