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Take Control of WC: The Disability Note

By March 18, 2014August 22nd, 2018

As an employer you can take control of Workers’ Compensation claim costs right away.  Let’s talk about the note your injured worker brings you that takes them out of work.   A note that says “No work until seen by this office again” puts the employee in control. The lack of detailed information prevents you from making a choice about how to bring an employee back to work.

You can create a form that the employee must have completed by their physician that includes:

1.  The injury type and part of the body that was injured with a complete diagnosis.

2.  An evaluation of the employees’ ability to return to work including any specific restrictions.  If they are not able to return in any capacity, ask when the next evaluation is and why.

In addition, an ADA compliant job description with the physical requirements of the job will also help the provider determine what the employee “can” do versus what they “can’t” do.

3.  A prognosis and follow up care information.

Set the tone and let the employee and the provider know that you are a concerned employer and will remain involved throughout the claim.  Set the expectation early to minimize surprises later.

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