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Take Control of Your Experience Modification Factor – Injury Prevention Programs

By May 7, 2012August 22nd, 2018

Could an Injury Prevention Plan reduce accidents for your company? Injury prevention programs are proactive processes that fix workplace hazards before they occur. After you’ve identified your major sources of Workers Compensation claims the next step is to take action and fix the discrepancies you’ve found. A Prevention Plan is different from a safety plan in that it aims to take the problem out of your business instead of teaching employees how to safely work around it. Injury Prevention Programs not only decrease the amount of injuries that would occur in your workplace but also improve compliance with regulations.

The key elements of an injury prevention program are:

  • Management leadership
  • Worker participation
  • Hazard identification and assessment
  • Hazard prevention and controls
  • Education and training
  • Program evaluation and improvement

These elements, particularly leadership and participation, must work together and constantly be improved upon to insure the most effective injury prevention plan. These plans are very important in managing your Experience Modification Factor and securing your business the lowest Workers Compensation premiums.

The Flanders Group specializes in Workers Compensation Insurance programs including prevention programs for employers in specific industries (e.g. Nursery/Landscape; Commercial Real Estate; Waste Haulers; RV/Auto Dealers; Marinas; and Manufactures), we have the experience to be a true partner for you and provide templates and training to ease your administrative time and expense. Our expertise in Workers Compensation Insurance and injury prevention plans can truly help you control your Experience Modification Factor.