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Take Control of Your Experience Modification Factor—Risk Identification

By May 3, 2012August 22nd, 2018

Do you know what drives your most expensive Workers’ Compensation claims? By reviewing your accident and claim data you will be able to reduce your biggest claim types by identifying your most expensive claims and implementing safety programs and training to prevent this major source of loss.

The Flanders Group specializes in helping employers in New York and across the U.S. manage Workers’ Compensation programs so we can will be able to assist you in identifying accident trends in six major areas:

• The occupation most affected by workplace injuries
• The location that a majority of your workplace injuries occur
• The most common types of injuries
• The cause of the injuries
• The body parts commonly injured
• And the Lag Time in reporting injuries

By identifying these trends you will be able to pinpoint your most common sources of Workers’ Compensation claims and will be able to move forward by conducting a Job Hazard Analysis to further take control of your Experience Modification Factor. This analysis will identify the uncontrolled hazards of a particular job, and its intention is to focus on the jobs that have the highest rate of injury or illness. It also unveils locations where there is potential for severe injuries. A sample of a Job Hazard Analysis Form can be found at