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The Best Advice for Clients on OSHA Logs

By April 12, 2012August 22nd, 2018

The best advice we offer is use your OSHA logs. Not only will you stay compliant with OSHA recordkeeping regulations, the log is also a tool to help you manage workplace safety and health. Keeping an accurate log is the beginning of this process.

The summary of information from your OSHA log should be shared with your company’s management and safety committee. We also suggest benchmarking your organizational results by comparing your data to the state and national averages for your industry. An incident rate calculator is available at

Your company can use the statistics about detailed case characteristics from your OSHA log to understand the most common workplace injuries and take action to reduce those injuries or illnesses. The valuable data compiled from OSHA logs helps your company minimize the chance of an accident, as well as, keeping your business compliant with OSHA regulations.

The Flanders Group provides insurance services to marinas, auto/RV dealerships, nurseries/landscapers, manufacturers and refuse companies in New York. If you have questions about how OSHA logs can help your company control the cost of your Workers’ Compensation program, contact The Flanders Group.