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The Importance of Surveying Employees Recovering at Work

By February 6, 2012August 22nd, 2018

Have you implemented a program to help injured or ill employees recover at work and remain a productive part of your work force? To maintain the effectiveness of such a program, and identify opportunities for improvement, it is imperative that you periodically conduct a survey of employees affected by the program. The Flanders Group provides our clients with a Recovery at Work Toolkit which includes survey templates to assist you in this critical step to achieve continuous improvement.

The goal of your survey program should include:

– to improve communication between your organization and your employees so the program, as it exists, has been built with employees’ input and they can feel “ownership” of the program’s parameters;

– to establish a benchmark that allows you to make objective evaluations that result in changes over time to improve the program.

Providing a Recovery at Work program that maintains a high degree of employee satisfaction can result in returning employees to productive positions as much as 50% faster than might occur in the absence of a program. This can mean significant savings to the employer over time as you control your Workers’ Compensation insurance expense and your experience modification factor.