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Wellness and Workers’ Compensation Part 1

By October 8, 2012August 22nd, 2018

At the Flanders Group we are dedicated to providing creative solutions to our clients, especially when it comes to lowering the cost of workers’ compensation insurance. One thing we’ve found to be particularly helpful is creating a culture of wellness. Wellness Programs are normally promoted by healthcare benefit providers to prevent non-work related illnesses. However, when applied with workers’ compensation in mind, wellness programs have the potential to lower your employees’ risk of becoming injured at work and helping them recover faster if an accident does happen.

In this series of blogs The Flanders Group will offer helpful wellness tips and we’ll explain how they may affect your employees’ overall health as well as your workers’ compensation premium. As with any exercise program, employees should check with their physician before beginning.

Some wellness programs are focused on weight loss, others on smoking cessation, and can vary depending on what the objective is. The most important goal is to provide a better quality of life for your valued employees.

Wellness programs can also have a positive effect on workers’ compensation claims. If your employees are relatively healthy, exercise, eat the right foods, and pay attention to their bodies, they will be less likely to become injured on the job. At the same time, if they are healthy and do become injured their healing time should be reduced because they have fewer obstacles to factor into their treatment, and hinder their recovery.

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