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Wellness and Workers’ Compensation Part 2: The Importance of Stretching

By October 11, 2012August 22nd, 2018Uncategorized

You probably hear employees complain about stress, sore muscles, or fatigue and any one of these can lead to an injury at work. Stress or fatigue can cause you to forget a simple step, like putting on safety gear. Sore muscles can persuade an employee to use unapproved lifting techniques that may result in a strain.

Stretching is one wellness concept that can be easily implemented at your workplace and may reduce the amount of sprains, strains, or contusions having a positive impact on lowering your workers’ compensation premium.

Stretching is a simple exercise that has many benefits including:

Increased flexibility and joint range of motion decreases the chance that a reach or lift while working will result in a workers’ compensation claim.

Improved circulation helps decrease fatigue and raises alertness.

Better posture which is particularly helpful for office/desk jobs.

Stress relief encourages employees to not make rash decisions that could result in a safety procedure oversight.

Enhanced coordination helps prevent workplace injuries because employees may be less likely to misstep, slip, or fall.

Stretching is just one wellness idea that can help you improve your employees ability to function injury-free. By teaching and encouraging employees to use simple stretches you may find a decrease in workplace injuries. As with any exercise program, your employees should check with their physician before beginning.

If you have any questions about wellness programs and workers’ compensation contact The Flanders Group today. And, stay tuned for our next blog in this series that will include a stretching technique handout you can share with your employees. Also, “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter to stay informed on all things New York Workers’ Compensation.