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What is Workers’ Compensation Coverage

By July 11, 2011August 22nd, 2018

Whether your industry is nursery/landscape, real estate, manufacturing, refuse, marina or RV/auto dealer, it is extremely common for people to be injured in the workplace. Resulting injuries lead to medical and sometimes legal costs. A workers’ compensation policy responds to accidental injury, as well as disease or death that may ultimately result from the injury, which occurs during work with mandatory benefits. The injury must also be related to the injured person’s duties. If the employee’s injury does not qualify for compensation under the Workers Compensation Acts the policy will respond to an employee who sues his or her employer, alleging negligence.

The benefit amounts that must be paid by Workers’ Compensation are defined by the state or jurisdiction where a covered incident occurs. The policy usually lists the other types of costs and expenses that are eligible for payment under the policy. These policy benefits include being provided a legal defense against certain types of lawsuits. The policy will not pay for any amounts that exceed stated benefit amounts or for amounts that can be covered by other sources of loss payment. Generally the insurer that provides coverage acquires the covered company’s legal right to pursue payment from a party that may have been responsible for a workplace injury.

The Flanders Group is one of the leading providers of Workers’ Compensation policies in New York State and we provide many special programs to help our clients manage their risk. If you have any questions about a new or existing Workers’ Compensation policy, please contact us today at 800-462-6435